BPO (Broker Price Opinion): Can sometimes also be referred to as the Broker’s Opinion of Value, which can be used for:
(A) The Buyer looking to purchase commercial real estate,
(B) Seller looking to sell commercial real estate, or
(C) A financial institution that is looking for the opinion of value instead of appraisal from an appraiser.

Site Selection: Site selection is when the broker/agent is finding, based on a set of parameters, a commercial property, which could be vacant land or building, that closely satisfies the requirements of the buyer. Our market is your commercial solution.


Business Plan Development: We can guide you in parts of the Business Plan Development with property research so you can understand your individual strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats based on the locations you might be looking at based on various forms of data including demographics.

Growth Strategy Planning: In many ways, this is spin-off from Business Plan Development as a buyer, are you considering, for example a property that will allow for business growth and/or expansion.

Work with Your Bank: In some situations, a buyer might need help navigating some of the areas of the financial world with reference to commercial real estate purchase – whether an SBA Loan or standard loan. We can help you to have the answers your banker needs.

Work with SCORE: In some cases, a buyer is required to have a Business Plan developed with extensive information to secure a loan which can include working capital along with purchase or lease of commercial real estate. We can help you to work with a mentor from SCORE to develop your individual commercial business plan.

1031 Exchange: This can also be known by the terms Starker Exchange or Like-Kind Exchange which is part of Investment Sales.



Bechard Group has another division, Bechard Construction & Management which manages properties located within the Fox Cities. We tailor the level of services from the list below, to the exact needs of each owner.

The right commercial property management company is the asset necessary for owners and investors with:

  1. Limited time and experience to not only manage their property but market it in a diverse and ever-changing market environment.
  2. The need to expand their investment portfolio beyond their internal staff’s ability to effectively manage the expansion

What are key areas that commercial property management partner will help with?

  • Improving Cash Flow
  • Retaining Tenants
  • Increasing the Value of their Investment Property

Commercial property management services Bechard Construction & Management can provide:

  • Forecasting Cash Flow
  • Reporting (occupancy, rent roll, budget, etc.)
  • All Accounting (rent collection, bill paying and preparation of full financial statements
  • Maintenance & Groundskeeping
  • Tenant Communication
  • Lease negotiations
  • Bidding insurance, subcontractors and building services
  • Bid and Oversee Tenant Remodeling Projects


Representation: Buyer Agency is when you enlist Bechard Group to directly represent you, the Buyer, which included providing the buyer with market research similar to doing a Broker Price Opinion as well as providing more demographic information on specific properties that might be of interest to the Buyer.

Negotiating: Bechard Group will be negotiating on your behalf and working for you directly as our client. Due to specific legal parameters, a broker is required to provide minimum duties; however, with Buyer Agency, we work specifically for you with our Services and Expertise.


Site Location: Bechard Group can help you with your commercial real estate location based on a defined criteria you are looking at – location, lot size, building size, loading docks, office space, retail space or multifamily development. We are a small firm with ability to help you with your Vision for Your Future.

Development: Bechard Group can also assist you in the various aspects of developing a commercial property whether for multifamily, industrial, retail, office, shopping development or mixed use.

Investment Group: We at Bechard Group can help you pull together an investment group if you are looking to have some investors in any type of real estate.




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